Uno card game rules

Math Games using UNO cards: Example: "Flip (10, etc)"-Addition or Subtraction: selected cards are face down on table, kids take turns flipping over pairs of cards which make (10,etc), if yes, keep/if no, next person's turn, Winner has most cards at end.

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How often do you need to check the rules of that card game you want to they are, in alphabetical order!

Counting on from any number math stations, worksheets, and activities that are super fun - Building Number Sense in First Grade

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Uno Rules - The Original Uno Card Game Rules

$29.99 WWE Wrestling UNO Card Game. Use the WWE Uno Card Game to play UNO in a battle of supremacy. Includes a special Royal Rumble card and extra game rule! And be sure to yell UNO! when youre about to show your dominance and win! Contains 112 cards and instructions. For Ages 7 and up. For 2 to 10 players.

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