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Command Line Cheat Sheet for Mac and Linux. I know these, but always good to have on hand!
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Infographic of the 7 kind of SQL Joins. Including : INNER JOIN, LEFT JOIN, RIGHT JOIN, FULL JOIN, with or without the intersect. Very useful for web developer. Source : #SQL #JOIN

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FreeBSD Device Drivers: A Guide for the Intrepid by Joseph Kong. Save 20 Off!. $39.75. Publisher: No Starch Press; Original edition (May 7, 2012). Publication: May 7, 2012. Author: Joseph Kong

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Bash (Bourne-Again SHell) is a Linux and Unix-like system shell or command language interpreter. It is a default shell on many operating systems including Linux and Apple MacOS X. Shell scripts are a fundamental part of the Unix programming environment.If you have always used a graphic user int