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Founded in 1451, The University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world and one of Scotland's four ancient universities: St Andrews, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh.


Alessandro Longhi Portrait of a Young Black Man Italy (c. 1760s) Oil on Canvas, 75 x 65 cm. The Image of the Black in Western Art Research Project and Photo Archive, W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research, Harvard University [x] [x]

from Mail Online

Mystery of Jordan's Big Circles: Ancient circles baffle archaeologists

A total of eight big circles have been recorded in west central Jordan, between the Wadi el-Hasa and the edge of the Shara escarpment. There is also a second group, made of four Big Circles, just north of Azraq Oasis. Pictured is circle J1, known locally as Qasr Abu el-Inaya. Dating is problematic, but there is often material in or around the circles that originated in the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age, between 2,000 to 4,500 BCE.

from BBC News

Breakthrough in world's oldest undeciphered writing

The world's oldest undeciphered writing system, proto-Elamite, which has so far defied attempts to uncover its 5,000-year-old secrets, could be about to be decoded by Oxford University academics. This international research project is already casting light on a lost bronze age middle eastern society where enslaved workers lived on rations close to the starvation level.


‘The Lovers’ from 1972 season at Hasanlu Hasanlu is an archaeological excavation site in Iran, Western Azerbaijan, Solduz Valley. These skeletons were found in a Bin with no objects. The only feature is a stone slab under the head of the skeleton on the left hand side. Penn Museum Image #97482. University of Pennsylvania says their Museum exhibited these 'Hasanlu Lovers' skeletons in 1974, who died together in about 800 B.C.and appear like they are kissing each other before they died


Navajo Woman Tying her Daughter's Hair Written on the back: "Navajo mother tying hair of daughter, showing how brush is used." Publisher: University of Wyoming. American Heritage Center AMERINDIAN AND HAIR BELIEFS