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Which Member Of The United Nations Security Council Are You?


The official website of the United Nations provides a wide variety of resources including the student centered cyber school bus

Susan Rice: U.S. diplomat, former Brookings Institution fellow, former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, and the National Security Adviser.

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Understanding The Main Organs That Make Up The United Nations

This is the second part of a mini-unit to introduce the United Nations. Student are tasked with becoming an expert on one of the organization bodies of the UN and presenting a lesson to the rest of their class. This is a fun, inquiry-based project to teach students about following departments. THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY THE SECURITY COUNCIL THE ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL COUNCIL THE INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE THE SECRETARIAT

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Saudi Arabia snubs security council seat over 'UN failures'

The United Nations security council voting on Syria handing over its chemical weapons, last month. Saudi Arabia has refuse to take its seat ...

#Uganda: MP calls for justice for victims of #Museveni murderous regime

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Style File - Angelina Jolie

April 24 2015 For a United Nations Security Council meeting in New York, she wore a white skirt suit and a camel chemise and matching heels.

Dr. Susan Rice, PhD, diplomat, former Brookings Institution fellow, & current United States Ambassador to the United Nations. She is the 1st Jamaican-American woman to hold this office. She also served on the National Security Council and as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs. She was mentioned as a replacement for Secretary of State, but following controversy related to the Benghazi attacks, she withdrew her name. She received a BA at Stanford and both a PhM & PhD at Oxford.

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Angelina Jolie rips world powers on Syria's refugee crisis

Angelina Jolie arrives with her speech to address the United Nations Security Council meet...