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Red Grunge Fading Paint Wallpaper

Looking for creative wallpaper ideas? Bring out your artistic side with this beautiful watercolour wallpaper design. The dark yet rich tones of red come together with loose and care-free brushstrokes. Giving an intriguing yet completely unique wallpaper design.

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Green Marbleized Wallpaper Mural

Marbleized perfection. Deep green whirls help to create a mesmerizing textured wallpaper design. Perfect for contemporary living room spaces looking for something completely unique.

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unique interior design

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Wallpaper from Custhom: Igneous is a design made from carbon powder and using Custhom's innovative process of hand-foiling wallpapers, creates a unique distressed or highly polished finish in a wide range of metallic hues, imitating the crystallization of igneous rocks formed through the cooling and solidification of magma or lava.

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Purple and White Marbleized Wallpaper Mural

Captivating swirls of purple make up this marbleized wallpaper design. Ideal for modern living room spaces looking for unique yet stylish wallpaper ideas.

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Cool Graphic Wallpaper by Milton & King

Plus Sign by Ingrid & Mika

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15 % Minimalistic Geometric Pattern Regular Wallpaper / Simple Removable Wallpaper / Geometric Wall Mural / Geometric Wallpaper

Minimalistic Geometric Pattern Wallpaper / by ThinkNoirWallpaper

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Because that midcentury modern chair is perfect contrast for that updated but still over-the-top Victorian wallpaper pattern. Genius!

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15 % Watercolor Cactus Wallpaper /Removable /Regular Cactus Wallpaper /Cactus Wall Mural /Watercolor Cactus Pattern Wall Covering

Watercolor Cactus Wallpaper /Removable Cactus Wallpaper /Cactus Wall Mural /Watercolor Cactus Pattern Wall Covering / Self Adhesive

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Misty Treetops Forest Wall Mural

Gaze across the misty treetops with this unique forest wallpaper. Emerald green trees are met with thick mist, giving a mysterious feel to your interiors. It's the perfect wallpaper design for the curious traveller looking to instil a sense of the unknown in their home.

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