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Werewolf Vs. Lycanthrope

A "lycan" from the popular movies of Underworld. The reverse could be said of this picture. I would say it's more werewolf like than lycanthrope.

underworld werewolf by TheWolfMaria

still wanna see the new underworld movie So why not a big ol werewolf with the head of a lil vampire. Enjoy, werewolves for life!

UNDERWORLD - Ultimate Underworld Photo (32218460) - Fanpop

I fucking wish. I would tear shit up if I could turn. But really this is about how the beast feels right now. Lucian is a badass werewolf. Not only that but Underworld had some of the better looking werewolves in cinema

Van Helsing one I believe.

Kai Canarbis is one of few people entrusted with the Empire's safe word, which instantly pacifies hostile Lupinex werewolves. Unfortunately, the conditioning doesn't exist 500 years in the past and Kai finds himself out of his depths.

Underworld Werewolf | Added by AlessaGillespie