Underwater city  #futurecity  #underwatercity  There's more Real Estate land at the bottom of the oceans than there is high and dry.

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So what's the story here... a version of Hogwarts-Atlantis via Paris?? Michael Raaflaub - credit to: pinterest.com/joaoramoss/

You know, Alternia should have some place like that. Like underwater city with train. It is like in Way to the fantazy (Miazaki) - that was way the beatifulest thing I can imagine. The train. In water. My idea of beauty is train in water, deal with it

...This city was drowned long ago. It is now under the ocean. How is it even possible for there still to be inteligent life? Do people still live there? It's not the fish. There is something bigger there...

The Jellyfish City of Aikon. The fish are merely to jellyfish as birds are to Humans.