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LOOK: 12 Spectacular Shots Of China's Bizarre Underwater City

China's Ancient Underwater City Becomes Divers' Paradise (PICTURES)

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...This sity was drowned long ago. It is now under the ocean. How is it even possible for there still to be inteligent life? Do people still live there? It's not the fish. There is something bigger there...

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Did I say I love Feng Zhu's stuff? Feng Zhu Design: In-Class Demo via

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China's Atlantis: How the Lion City was purposely-flooded to make way for a power station but remains completely intact 130ft underwater after 50 years

15 of the World's Most Strange Abandoned Places - Underwater City in Shicheng, China

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Fantasy Underwater City. The Underwater Castle Gate and its Garden

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One giant leap for ocean exploration... what the world's first 'space station of the sea' will look like

Out of this world: This is what the SeaOrbiter will look like - its inventor wants it to be a space station of the sea

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ArtStation - Underwater city, manon alexandre

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So what's the story here... a version of Hogwarts-Atlantis via Paris?? Michael Raaflaub - credit to:

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Artificial floating Paradis Island - Page 3, 2015

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steampunksteampunk: Pig Fish Illustrations by...

Semi underwater city

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