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Uncharted Release Date

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End gets one more delay: On the PlayStation Blog, Sony announced that Uncharted 4: A Thief's End has been delayed…

This Map Shows All the Places Nathan Drake Has Been


Pearl White New Nintendo 3DS XL To Release For North America In December

Forrest Fenn: Has cancer-stricken millionaire REALLY left $2m buried treasure in the New Mexico mountains? Eccentric 'Indiana Jones of Santa Fe' reveals eleventh clue in hunt for his loot

Millionaire Forest Fenn has sparked a mini gold rush by burying hidden treasure and releasing cryptic clues to help treasure hunters find it. Motivated by a cancer diagnosis that gave Fenn only a few years to live, the former art dealer and gallery owner decided to make this treasure hunt his legacy. The 82-year-old hoped that the treasure said to be worth well over $1 million would inspire people, particularly children, to get away from their texting devices and look for adventure outdoors.


Chicago Med - Episode 2.09 - Uncharted Territory - Promo Promotional Photos Interview & Press Release


Skytorn System: PC, PS4 Developers: Noel Berry, Pedro Medeiros, Alec Holowka, Matt Thorson, Amora Bettany Website: / Description: “Centuries after a mysterious cataclysm tore the world apart, humans have taken to the skies - ferrying their kin in airships, searching the remains for artifacts and survivors. Explorer Névoa ventures out across uncharted islands, left floating in the sky. Alone and armed only with a shovel, she is determined to carve her own…