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Uncertain meaning, either "ulcer" or "the torch"; Most modern rune books favor the latter, since the element of fire is the opposite, lacking the rune-row, but linguistically there is a good case for each form - it is to some extent the modern passion for order and The notion of four elements which militates for "torch". However, the name oe cēn has the meaning of "incendiary", although this does not seem to have been a common word in the language. (OE cēn "Torch, Incendiary", ON Kaun…

from Rules for my Newborn Daughter


Love these #wordsofwisdom from the inspirational Misty Copeland, who just became the first black Principal at American Ballet Theate #ballerina #workingwomen


Pasta alla carbonara means “coal worker’s style pasta” in Italian. The dish contains pasta commonly spaghetti tossed with bacon, eggs, cheese and black pepper. A brief history of carbonara is uncertain, but one theory would be that the dish got its name because coal workers frequently ate it, or since the black pepper in the pasta looks like coal flakes.