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Tribute stamp to Omm Kalthoum from 1975, the year of her passing. Attached is video footage of her funeral

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Egytpian singer Umm Kulthum with Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Emir of Abu Dhabi & first president of the United Arab Emirates.

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Umm Kulthum (Arabic: أم كلثوم‎ ʾUmm Kulṯūm;) (December 30, 1898–February 3, 1975) was an Egyptian singer, songwriter, and actress. Born in Tamay ez-Zahayra village, which belongs to El Senbellawein, she is known as the Star of the East (kawkab el-sharq). More than three decades after her death, she is widely regarded as the greatest female singer in Arabic music history. The name Oum Kasoum means Mother Kalsoum and was a stage name.

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Umm Kulthum with mohammed abdelwahhab the maestro of generations

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ام كلثوم فى بغداد 19 نوفمبر 1932 وبعدها ب14 عام عادت لتحيى حفلة عيد ميلاد االملك فيصل الثانى فى 2 مايو

Legendary Egyptian singer, songwriter and actress Umm Kulthum.She is known as Kawkab al-Sharq كوكب الشرق (“Star of the East”) in Arabic | Elan Magazine {Middle East history and heritage}