Umbrellas shop

Everyone ought to have a proper umbrella; one for dress, a small travel, and a huge golf type for sports to sun protection.

Gina & May umbrellas are so I love those clouds in their want some

This is going more towards what I was aiming at for the "Wet Seaon" "Storm Season Window display. Estate Display Truly playful window display of GINA & MAY umbrellas from Melbourne store "Lily & The Weasel"!

The world famous James Smith and Sons Umbrella Shop was founded in 1830 and is still owned and run as a family business. For 175 years the company has been making umbrellas, sticks and canes for both ladies and gentlemen and their reputation as the home of the London umbrella is well justified.

World Famous James Smith & Son Umbrella Shop in England - Established 1830

6th arrondissement - what a fantastic hanging sign for "Parapluies Simon", an umbrella shop. Love the detail of the wrought iron figures along the top.  Can be found at 56 Boulevard Saint-Michel.

district, sign for Parapluies Simon,( an umbrella shop) .found at 56 Boulevard Saint-Michel, France

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KCASA UB-1 Creative Reverse Double Layer Umbrella Folding Inverted Windproof Car Standing Rain Protection

Foxglove speakeasy is hidden behind an umbrella shop in Hong Kong

Foxglove speakeasy is hidden behind an umbrella shop in Hong Kong

This Hong Kong speakeasy by NC Design & Architecture is disguised as an umbrella shop, and is accessed via a secret doorway towards the back of the boutique

A plethora of pink                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Some of these Indian umbrellas, inspired by the 'Spirit-of-the-Holi-Colors,' with very colorful design-patterns may just be unique to India.


Foxglove, a ‘Secret Service’ Whiskey Bar in Hong Kong

sunsurfer:  Umbrella Shop, Ramblas, Barcelona, Spain photo By Reinante El Pintor de Fueg

I love the balconies in - Architectural details on La Rambla street, Barcelona, Spain (by Jose Luis Mieza).