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Specialist Solo Tent Almost Fits in a 1L Water Bottle

Even if you're a weight-shaving ultralight-adventure addict, you'll find space for the Specialist Solo Tent. After all, this tent packs down to the size of a water bottle.

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When selecting a tent, look at the same factors you’d scrutinize when buying a house: location, size, and amenities. First up, where are you pitching camp? The deeper you lug gear into the woods, the more weight matters. If you’re heading into high-alpine environments or anywhere you might encounter serious weather, you need something with thicker fabric and more poles.

Custom Tyvek Ultralight Tent Footprint with Brass Grommets and Bungee Tie Outs Fits Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 ---> FIND OUT MORE…

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Tarptent Double Rainbow

Paria Outdoor Products Bryce 2P Ultralight Tent (Review) | Outdoor Survivalists

Ultralight Tent Trailer Follows Your Motorcycle or Small Car Read more:

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