Starting to trail run? Seasoned expert? Get started or get better with our trail running form and technique tips. Trail running is really obstacle-course running, a seemingly endless romp over rocks and roots. On a really technical trail, the terrain can be twisted, the hills relentless and the footing dicey. You have to choose your line and make split-second decisions about how to maneuver your body.

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Ultra Signup - in case I go completely nuts and decide I want to do a 31mi race (50K) when I'm 31 years old.

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Five minutes with Nat Taylor. How mindset, a mantra and nachos can make the runner.

ULTRA TRAIL RUNNING TIPS FROM THE PRO'S who finished the oldest 100 Mile Trail Race in the world #WS100 #WSER Picture: Rob Krar, Winner #WSER 2014; source:

100km Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc CCC ultramarathon through the Italian, Swiss and French Alps

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