One of the most interesting experiments in economics is known as the ultimatum game. It deftly gets at a fundamental truth of human nature…

Ultimatum Game Two players bargain (anonymously) to divide a fixed amount between them. P1 (proposer) offers a division of the “pie” P2 (responder) decides.

The ultimatum game is the ultimate test of fairness, and chimpanzees passed the test by going for the fair options.

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Joe Henrich, Steven Heine, and Ara Norenzayan are shaking up psychology and economics with their view of how culture shapes human thought and behavior.

According to renowned economist Paul Romer, charter cities can create positive externalities. On the other hand, there is a puzzle known as ‘ultimatum game’ in economics. The gist of the puzzle is that in some cases, people tend to think more about how the other would benefit rather than thinking about their own benefits in …

Seattle, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Providence, R.I., are among several cities to declare they will protect undocumented immigrants despite Donald Trump’s possibly unconstitutional ultimatums. Perhaps the most cutting response has come from his home city of New York, where officials have pointed out that reducing funding could result in a security hazard for Trump and his family.It seems the newly minted president has forgotten that two can play his game.

The inventor of behavioral economics explains how to play the ultimatum game. Photo by Getty Images

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The effects of culture go far deeper than most teachers realize! Think about THIS next time you assume something is universal. A fascinating article with huge implications for teachers of ELLs.

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