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I read lots of articles about punching and the jury still seems to be out on whether punching is advisable or not in a self defence situation. Generally speaking if you have not taken time to condition your hands to impact, perhaps on a heavy bag or some kind of strike pad, then punching is not your best option in a fight.


Exercises After a Radial Head Fracture of the Elbow

A radial ulnar fracture is a fracture of the two bones that make up your forearm, the radius and the ulna. A fracture to both bones at the same time is most common towards the distal heads of each bone, closest to your wrist. A radial ulnar fracture is most commonly caused by a traumatic impact of your wrist, usually during a fall with your arm...

The ulna is a bone in the human forearm. Broader near the elbow and tapering as it approaches the wrist, it is situated alongside the radius bone on the pinky-finger side of the arm. This bone’s structure reflects its function, as it forms three major joints in the arm, two with the parallel radius bone and one with the humerus bone in the upper arm. The latter of these is the elbow joint, and it is the crescent wrench shape of the top of the ulna that makes flexion and extension, or bending…


Exercises for Distal Radius Fractures