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Obra de Banksy. Inglaterra: Clacton-on-Sea (Essex), 2014. El artista denuncia la actitud racista hacia los inmigrantes. La obra fue borrada por el Consejo del distrito al ser considerada ofensiva.


Tragedy vs. Tradition - why do women still vote conservative or Ukip? Have you seen their manifesto's and beliefs?!

@iainemmett are not anti-establishment they want to become the establishment Fortunately UKIP are going bust @CapX @CPSThinkTank

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The Ukip Manifesto Works Much Better As A 2016 Calendar

Ukip’s reputation for telling it straight was left in tatters after MEP Paul Nuttall was caught posing for a photo to make him look more educated – in front of a photoshopped library clutching a picture book.


Their manifesto might just look like a list of things that annoy people, but party members hold some views that should concern us, says Alex Andreou.


EXCLUSIVE: Nigel Farage vows Ukip will be 'major party by 2020’

UKIP are to produce a manifesto consisting solely of right-wing emoticons, it has emerged.

National Left - Wales needs a progressive left future. Tuesday, 14 July 2015 Former English Ukip MP claims he knows what Wales wants. The Wasting Mule Online reports that the former English Ukip MP who has ben given the job of writing its manifesto for the Welsh Assembly accused Welsh Labour of alienating many of its working class supporters by adopting a “soft nationalist” approach that isn’t relevant to them.

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Ukip Misuse 'First World Problems' Meme On Their Official Website

Problems range from the trivial - the shop running out of semi-skimmed milk or remote control batteries running out - to the downright ridiculous

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Brian Reade on how UKIP are soaring ahead in the polls

Farage and the manifesto of lies, how UKIP are soaring ahead in the polls - Brian Reade - Mirror Online