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Vanilla and chía panna cotta, uji-matcha, cereals, cranberry, raspberry and cranberry/yogurt sauce - The ChefsTalk Project


"Zen Roll Kaiseki" by Chef Dej Kewkacha. Bamboo charcoal roll cake stuffed with premium grade UJI Matcha cream served in royal banquet 'Kaiseki' style with 'Matcha-Sumi' soft cream and condiments including charcoal-black 'Nama' chocolate truffle 'shiratama' mochi 'azuki' red beans matcha sauce and fruit selection.


Uji Matcha Parfait, Made with Jelly, Soft Ice Cream, Matcha (Japanese Green Tea) Syrup and only the Finest Uji Matcha, with a topping including Sweet Red Beans - a Truly Japanese Flavour. It is the most popular item at Kyoto ItohKyuemon|伊藤久右衛門の抹茶パフェ


Uji Matcha Green Tea Pocky by Glico 2.9 oz

ヨーグルトパフェ | 都路里 I don't know what that says but it looks like this dessert is a mixture of kiwi, bananas and something else...could be green jelly or matcha or both with cream or yoghurt and a leaf-shaped biscuit and decoration


Uji Matcha Blend Genmaicha Brown rice Japanese green tea - Weight loss Diet ----- From Kyushu Island, Japan We have more Uji Matcha in our blend tea than any other brands. Matcha makes your green tea more Mild with Rich flavor!