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& she tries her hardest to look good, but she still feels ugly #angst #confidence #depression

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After i pinned this I realized how many girls have pinned sad. Why can't we ever be confident an think we are beautiful?-Ashley

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I feel this way often... But just continue to be you, every thing is temporary. Be confident in who you are on the inside and show that inner confidence outward, we were all made by Jehovah and he finds you beautiful. You're one of his master pieces (:

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I don't believe in "love", it's not real. I have finally come to accept it. I only believe in love of my family and how close we are (like, family kind of love) and one other person that is close to my heart, but that's it and I'm not letting anyone else become close to me...

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Dark Depressed Quotes | quote depressed sad myself skinny time black fat other ugly see i sad ...

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Every day I hate myself. Looking in the mirror is painful. Occasionally I have thought "I look okay today" but then I go out and see so many beautiful skinny girls and guys that I know will never be interested in me. Then I start to feel fat and ugly again

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