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Studies were done to try and date the strange disc. It appeared Dropa Stones to be between 10,000 and 12,000 years old. After further exploring of the caves a total of 716 stone discs were found. It was also determined that each one of the discs grooves depicted not grooves, but carved hieroglyphics, or writings.

from The Extinction Protocol

History’s lost lesson: Ancient nuclear war among Indus Valley civilizations reexamined

Possible Evidence of Indus Valley Civilization Nuclear War - Pakistan


Hirari in Harajuku by tokyofashion, via Flickr - going to try this!


UFO Alien Sightings 2016. Mysterious UFO Alien Fireball Seen in Kerala, INDIA - YouTube


THE MYSTERIOUS LAST VAULT DOOR AT PADMANABHASWAMY TEMPLE..."a Secret Door in this Temple is holding secret knowledge & more Treasure Troves....the only snag is, it has been locked by sound waves from a secret chant lost in time!!" (The Temple's earlier Hidden Treasure Trove, now undergoing inventory by Supreme Court appointed Panel has been estimated to be around $ 22 Bln!)


Last night, November 16, 2015, aboard the International Space Station astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted this photo. The photo was taken while the International Space Station was over India. In the upper right of the photo…

from Oddee

7 Most Fascinating Underwater Ruins

8000-year-old Yonaguni-Jima (Japan). The megalith was discovered quite accidentally by a sport diver in 1995 when he had strayed beyond the permissible limit off the Okinawa shore.


Bas-relief or low relief is a type of sculpture in which an image is projected at a shallow depth. This technique is often used in the art of ancient Egypt, other Near Eastern cultures, and Asian art, including that of ancient India. One of the largest bas-relief sculptures in India can be found at Unakoti, and nobody knows who made them, when, nor the reason for their carving in such a secluded place. What is known about the reliefs is they depict a multitude of Hindu deities.


Biggest, best ever UFO photograph? Witnesses snap 'Independence Day-like mothership'

Biggest, best ever UFO photograph? Witnesses snap 'Independence Day-like…