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I Found This Posted In My Uber Driver's Car - Wow!

I Found This Posted In My Uber Driver’s Car – Wow!

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There's a huge fear of deactivation that's been brewing in the Uber community. Hundreds of instances where Uber will deactivate an Uber driver without any notice of why this action was taken. Sometimes responses from the support team will say something simply like; "Your account is under review for the next 24 hours." And other times an explanation might actually be made. Many drivers feel there's a huge animosity against them because the way Uber seems to display their disciplinary actions…

A Female Uber Driver Tells All

Women Uber drivers are like aliens or ghosts. Sure you may hear about them, but you rarely see them for yourself. In my own experience as an Uber passenger, I have only come across one female driver. One: a Black woman in Baltimore. I found myself treating her like you do a new kid on the first

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As I browse through the web there seems to be some confusion amongst newer Uber drivers. Some people are asking if Uber drivers actually get paid, while others have no clue on how Uber will pay them. So, I wanted to clear this all up. Today, I'm going to explain to you on how to get paid driving for Uber and answer many other questions like how to set up direct deposit for your driver account. There's no point on driving for Uber if you don't understand how to get money. So here we go…

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The driver was Uber smart..

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You can now book an Uber without ever leaving Google Maps Read more Technology News Here --> In another sign various services are becoming ever more integrated Google Maps now lets you book an Uber without ever leaving the app. Say you're wandering around an unfamiliar city with Google Maps as your guide and you need to order an Uber to get to your next destination. If you're logged into your Uber account you can simply request a driver track where they are…

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Tip Sign Lyft Uber Uzurv Fun 00038

Laminated 4x6 Tip Sign. Professionally designed & printed. 4”x 6” tip and rating sign for rideshare drivers. As a current rideshare driver, I was receiving $0 - $5 in tips each day. After adding tip signs to the back of each head rest and one on my front dashboard, I now average $40 - $60 in tips each day. My rating also increased and now stands at 4.9*. My attitude and bank account are both better. You probably love tips. Unless you’re a mastermind at manipulating the English language, ...