Tyson Ritter. 33 Pictures From The Glory Days Of The Warped Tour

33 Pictures From The Glory Days Of The Warped Tour

All American Rejects lead singer, Tyson Ritter - you can almost see all of the AAR with "cord" to "outlet" in the pic.

Tyson Ritter. Always be my number 1! Nicest guy ever too! Love him so much

We caught up with Tyson Ritter ( while he was in New York shooting the new campaign for Thursday Boots. Tyson talked about his new collaboration with Thursday Boots, the upcoming All A…

tyson ritter - met him at a cd signing after the show

Tyson Ritter is the handsome lead singer and bass guitarist of popular rock band The All American Rejects.

Are you SURE you don't like the All American Rejects?

Because they're more fun when they're a bit cray cray

Tyson Ritter-my main squeeze

Tyson Ritter- lead singer of the All American Rejects I can't believe I forgot about him. I used to have the biggest crush on him and those gorgeous eyes and that hasn't faded, and I had no idea he was from Stillwater, OK

Tyson Ritter :)

Tyson Ritter - All American Rejects Frontman. I've had a thing for him since I was a little kid.