The easiest 10-minute Italian Chicken and Veggie Warps. SO tasty, so quick, and healthy! Recipe via

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Get ready for game day with my snack hack for Hickory Smoked Chocolate Toffee Bacon. Easy to make and heavenly to eat, it’ll elevate your tabletop tailgating game! Sponsored by Tyson Foods, Inc. #fanfoodleague

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Tyson Foods, the second largest producer of beef, pork and chicken products in the world, is under criminal investigation by the Environmental Protection Agency over a chemical spill at the company’s Missouri poultry-processing plant.

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Tyson Foods to Phase Out Antibiotic Use In Chickens By 2017

It's that time of year!! Let Tyson Foods from Kroger get you prepared for the BIG GAME!! Take a look at this idea #Ad

Check out this story on CNNMoney:

Do you need a simple, fast and delicious meal idea? Look no further!My Honey Pecan Cherry Chicken Salad Pita Recipe is exactly what you n...

Tyson Foods Meals that Matter Disaster Relief Trucks on their Way to Pilger, NE! One of Many Reasons I Love Tyson Foods - Busy-at-Home

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