One of my all-time fave pics of Tyra Banks. I wish I could lighten my hair like this at some point in my life. I like the mixes of browns and bronzes in her eyes. She's glowing and just looks absolutely stunning. Can't forget about the smizing!

TyOver Tip: Fake a Smize by applying powder one shade darker than your skin along the outer bridge of your nose.

Tyra Banks

The Most Iconic Red Hair Moments Of All Time

Tyra Banks Debuts Her Edgy Bowl Cut, 2015, haha same haircut I had a half year ago ;)

Short Hairstyles: Your A-List Inspiration

Tyra Banks Debuts Her Edgy Bowl Cut, haha same haircut I had a half year ago ;

Tyra Banks' To me always looks on point with her make up

Tyra Banks PRO Tip: Enhance UR Flawsome face structure by applying a shimmery highlighter above UR cheekbone.

Tyra Banks Long Curls

Tyra Banks Long Curls

Fascinating Tyra Banks Prom Red Hairstyle Long Curly Human Hair Full Lace Wig about 20 Inches

Supermodel Tyra Banks Launches Makeup Line.

How Tyra Banks Does Her Makeup in 5 Minutes

Tyra Banks

Notice Tyra Banks angles her head away from her hand, but they both point the same direction. The space in between creates a free-floating feel.