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5 Minute TYover: Fresh Look Tyra Beauty Tyra Banks Cheek in a stick Eyes in a Stick Snack My Fat Lash


Tyra Banks, estrella rutilante a la estela de Oprah Winfrey


Body Confidence Quotes - Box of 50 Handmade Quotations

Handmade Quotations - Body Confidence - Box of 50 Quotes - Tyra Banks Quotes - About 93% of women 'fat talk' about themselves and that struck a chord. Women are doing it in front of their daughters - they're saying my body is disgusting, it makes me feel sick and so on. And I'm thinking, you're daughter is probably your size and she's hearing that? That stuff is crazy...


"Love Your Body" Tips from Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks doesn’t do things quietly. She’s stomped the runway in feathers and glittery bras, appeared on two consecutive Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue covers, and built an empire (in 170 countries, no less), coaching others to do the same....