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Tyra Banks Education

From Kylie Jenner to Kim Kardashian, stars suffer make-up fails too

Tyra Banks looked like she had done her make-up in the dark with her thick black eyeshadow...

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Harvard Business School 'graduate' Tyra Banks under fire from critics because her qualification is short course certificate instead of full degree

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K.L. and Tiffany Belvin: Dean of students for the New York City Department of Education for over 12 years, K.L. Belvin is the co-founder of Bravin Publishing LLC. Tiffany Braxton Belvin also is a Bravin co-founder and was one of the first signature models for the e-zine She has appeared in various media outlets, including “The Tyra Banks Show,” ABC’s “Eyewitness News,” NBC’s “Today” in New York, & Lifetime Television’s “How to Look Good Naked.”

PIC: Tyra Banks Graduates From Harvard Business School!

Tyra Banks embodies brains and beauty. Yes, supermodels can get Ivy League educations! Tyra encourages young women to be themselves, take responsibility for their lives, and enjoy life without drugs or alcohol. She definitely sparkles in our book.

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'America’s Next Top Model' judge and host Tyra Banks deeply values education.