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Incredible 3D Typography Sketches by Lex Wilson

It really looks as if it has true depth. It seems to be done with pencil and ink. What really attracted me to this was the detail and time it must have taken to plan out something like this. It has so much shape and dimension, it's practically alive.

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Vintage Styled Hand Drawn Illustrations and Typography by BMD Design

TOP LEFT: Lightning bolt arrows at bottom. TOP RIGHT: Sun arrows above the image are awesome. Lightning bolt arrows in middle. Typography of 'Bordeaux' *The way all the letters look like they're clearly hand drawn


I like this because the "sketchy" look creates for a very interesting look, however for a sentence it would probably make it very difficult to read.

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You can't argue with truth like this. Type by @khairulitie | #typegang if you would like to be featured | | #typegang #typography