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The PuLi Hotel and Spa​ is something new on the urban front – a cutting edge contemporary hotel in the heart of the city that doubles as an oasis and a retreat. Visually the look is definitely Mandarin Modern – a completely contemporary interpretation of the spatial values, colours and materials that typify Chinese tradition. #DailyTravelInspiration


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Hurricane. MS MR. Currently on my ipod and being played on repeat along with First Aid Kit, Rachel Zeffira and Daughter. I'm definitely having a female artist phase.


#1 Strength (no really?) Craving to know more and collecting information are signs you have the Input strength. Discover your strengths at Gallup Strengths Center.


Typify | Definition of Typify by Merriam-Webster

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Ms. Jackson manages to capture the magnificent frenzy of the chase AND the camaraderie and generosity that typify genealogists. People who are on the fence about whether to get into genealogy or not will definitely want to read this book.shaking