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Animals You've Never Heard Of - E Edition

The Black and Rufous Elephant Shrew (Rhynchocyon petersi), also known as the black and rufous sengi, is one of 17 species of elephant shrew found only in Africa. Like other members of the genus Rhynchocyon, it is a relatively large species, with adults averaging about 28 cm (11 in) in length and 450-700 g (1.0-1.5 lb) in weight. It is native to Kenya and Tanzania. It eats insects (beetles, termites, ants) and spiders, supplementing this with fruits and seeds.


Southern Tamandua, also known as collared anteater, lives in the rain forests of Central and South America, and its diet consists of ants, termites and bees.

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A Number 3 Birthday Cake with Creepy Crawlies


L’arche de noé

Echidnas, sometimes known as spiny anteaters, are a type of egg-laying mammal. The four extant species, together with the platypus, are the only surviving members of that order and are the only extant mammals that lay eggs. Although their diet consists largely of ants and termites, they are no more closely related to the true anteaters of the Americas than to any other placental mammal. They live in Australia and New Guinea. The echidnas are named after a monster in ancient Greek mythology.

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Yellow Potter Wasp - Delta campaniforme FAMILY VESPIDAE Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. Female building nest, body length 22mm .