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Types of Lizards

Old-Man Lizard aka Casque-Head Lizard aka Hernandez's Helmeted Basilisk (Corytophanes Hernadezi) - Belize

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I don't quite know what type of animal this is, but I think it's a reptile of some kind!

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Orange | Arancio | Oranje | オレンジ | Colour | Texture | Style | Form | Macrojo, picture by Alvaro Cubero Vega

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Types of Lizards

casque-head lizard - I wish I could remember the name of the dinosaur this guy is reminding me isn't one of the ones that references are continually made about, so I'm having a hard time. Nonetheless, he is very closely related.

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When it comes to fashion, american apparels are always at the forefront. But have you ever wondered what those fashionable apparels were made of? Yes,

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