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{Mommy School} Playing & Learning with Play-Doh

This simple activity is more than fine motor play. It would make a great "minute-to-win-it" type game, too, or any one of a number of other uses.


Own Label by Sainsbury's Design Studio - in pictures

Credit: Mundane, own-label supermarket products may seem an unexpected source of good graphic design - unlike, say, paperbacks or film pos...


Tom's all-time favourites: Spiced rice pudding and poached plums

Plums work well here, but you can use any type of dried fruit instead. I’ve used risotto rice which cooks much quicker and makes for a stress-free pudding!


Kellogg Corn Flake packets since the 1950s

Corn Flakes: Corn Flake packet in the 1950s I much prefer this to the current one!


Cereal Killer Cafe to open second branch in Camden Stables

There will be more than 100 different types of cereal from all over the world served in the cafe