Pokemon Candy-Filled Pokeballs are perfect for a birthday party or when you're out hunting new additions for Pokemon Go!

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POLL: What Are Your Favorite Types of Candy? Check out more over at http://www.tastykitchenideas.com/2014/06/03/poll-what-are-your-favorite-types-of-candy/

Create a bouquet of flowers to brighten up any desk! These Flower Cookie Pops are a wonderful gift for a favorite teacher or for birthday parties and showers!

The type of candy that we associate with candy hearts actually came about as a result of trying to perfect the process of making lozenges. Description from omgfacts.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

If you're a sugar lover like us, you have at least ten favorite types of candy, from classics that have been around for decades to new brands that have just been released. But every candy lover has to pay homage to the beloved candy that is no longer with us. From Dweebs to Butterfinger BB's, there are many candies we still wish were around. Which candy do you miss the most?!

Reuse empty Talenti gelato pints for food storage! Especially if that food is every type of candy.

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