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In the end it should have said and then there's Matt Donavan, the guy who never dies (aka the only human)

Michael Trevino Named One of Bullett Magazine's TV Heartbreakers of 2012!  Michael Trevino Just Wants Tyler to Stay Alive on Vampire Diaries Season 4

It's official — Michael Trevino (a. Tyler Lockwood) will be the first actor from The Vampire Diaries to head over to its CW spinoff The Originals

#TVD 8x16 "I Was Feeling Epic"

I literally cried the whole way through the final episode of TVD, I was so emotional 😭

Okay this is accurate.

This summary of TVD characters' vocabulary.**Bonnie's had me laughing out loud.

Seriously believe that Caroline will move on to The Originals and get with Klaus...The Vampire Diaries Finally Klaus donated money to Caroline's school and the words "But that's another story" was mentioned and totally opened that window in my opinion...You heard it here lol

Klaroline A king only bows down to his queen.probs my most fave ship of all time

Tyler: This is the second time I've tried to kill you. Caroline: Well no friendship is perfect.

No friendship is perfect (caroline,tyler,vampire diaries,friendship)

This is sweet! But I'm still Team Klaroline! <3

Candice King (Caroline) and Michael Trevino (Tyler) = "The Vampire Diaries"