I love Tyler Oakley and I dont even know which video this is from? Probs a Q and Slay but his sweater makes me laugh

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Honest advice from the queen Tyler Oakley in one of his Q and Slay's. He never ceases to entertain me with his unapologetic sass!

7 Most Inspiring Celeb Quotes About Bullying

8 Times Celebs Got Real AF About Being Bullied

Because Tyler's wisdom is almost as infinite as his selection of hairstyles.

14 Life Lessons We Learned From YouTube Star Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley Funny Quotes | ... Bell TylerOakley Tyler Oakley vmas laurenedit tyler oakley is perfect

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Taco Bell TylerOakley Tyler Oakley vmas laurenedit tyler oakley is perfect

40 Under 40: Tyler Oakley Could Be The First Gay Person You Ever Met | Advocate.com

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Tyler Oakley my queen | pinterest via baileyyybroooks♡

This is me summed up in one picture Tyler Oakley, no social life, and One Direction

AWWW!!!!! Hes so inspiring, thoughtful, sweet, adorable, kind, loving... the list could go and on. :)

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I remeber in Joeys book he talked about his learning disabilitie. When he was a kid he kept eating lead paint chips from their deck. He ate at least 6x the amount of lead that

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Shane Dawson has an eating disorder, zoe has a panic disorder, Joey graceffa has a learning disability, tyler has a eating disorder, Phil was bullied and Dan dropped out of college