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spotty tights and two tone brogues - so addicted, brogues are a weakness

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Oxford shoes became popular in the 1940's as well & were worn by both men for formal or everyday use & by women for everyday/sporty use. The shoes were made out of leather & could come in one color or two toned, round toe or square toe, & some were decorated with stamped leather caps. The oxford shoes now come in a variety of colors & styles for both genders but simply never seem to go out of style. 1/24/16

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bicycle seat leather, A stunning Wingtip Suede (in the UK it is called two-tone Brogue) Delta Top Race from LEH SPLY MFG.

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heart 2 leather with taupe suede upper, two tone balmoral boots...does anyone know the designer? Possibly Marc Guyot...not sure.

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