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Two Person Card Games

Point of View Task Cards

Point of View Task Cards for upper elementary! First Person, Second Person, Third person Limited, Third Person Omniscient. Students read the passage and determine its point of view. There are two recording sheet options... one traditional and one "game-like".

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Canasta Card Game - How to Play. Great game we always played in my family growing up. You don't need special cards - just two regular decks. Can easily be played as a two person game, though we usually played a 4 person game as partners. #Fun #Games #Family

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How to Play Spades

The basics of Spades is similar to that of Bridge. You play in a clockwise direction in teams of two; your partner sits across from you. The spades suit is going to be your highest value of all the cards

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Making a Card Holder from CDs

DIY CD Card Holder TUTORIAL Simply take two CD's and put drops of super glue on the lower half of one of them. Press the two CD's together for a minute, then let it sit out and continue drying thoroughly. You now have playing card holders - make one for all the card players in your family! See the picture, they're cute!

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Plant Kitty Soft Enamel Pin

Two of my favorite things combined in one cute as a button soft enamel pin!Measurements are (width x height) x inch or x cm.This pin has two pin

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