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Twister Lolly Recipes

these boozy ice lollies are the stuff dreams are made of

When is an ice lolly better than an ice lolly? When it's an alcohol-spiked ice lolly. Get more inspiration to make your own at


Rainbow Candy Cake


How to make your favourite childhood ice lolly

You don’t need to wait for Mr Whippy to enjoy the childhood delight of an ice lolly. FEMAIL's Sarah Rainey attempted to recreate our retro favourites for a fraction of the cost of their store price.

Pomidori... Possibly the best cocktail I have ever tasted!! It tastes like a twister ice lolly!!


Healthy snack: almond date ball recipe

Day 2 of our BlendTec Twister Jar series, we’ve already shared a yummy chocolate pb smoothie so today’s post is for you healthy folks who love avoiding sugar but still love a quick treat.  I’ve jumped on the gluten free, dairy free, legume free, sugar free boat last month after failing my umpteenth fad diet.  Instead …

Summer twisters Smoothie Lollies