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But really fuck this fanfiction, it's been three months and I'm still depressed about it^^^^^^<<<<< oh... I'm not sure how much of you picked up on this, but the Angel Castiel is literally the Angel of Thursday. As in that is HIS day.

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I can dig Elvis, twist and shout Apparently a weird destiel song<<<<<it's a fucking sad Destiel song!!

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twist and shout 2 ?<<< how about this F......... U........... C........K you <<< NO HOW COULD YOU NO PLEASE THAT'S JUST NO I'M LITERALLY CRYING ALL OVER AGAIN HELP

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Is this a twist and shout thing because I am so 183728184839173728% done with my feels for that fanfic.

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Twist and Shout; Destiel; Supernatural Edit @Connieversey ;-; I can't right now... Help meh....

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(gif set) "Twist and Shout got turned into a movie?" [HAHA and sadly this is what I thought when I looked at the gif set, before I scrolled down. 'Oh this looks like Twist and Shout...]

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