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"Carrie" is certainly deserving of such enshrinement—its twin standings as a genre classic and a pop culture touchstone have been solidified for decades now. B It is as fresh, vital and in tune with with the times nowadays as it was back in the day. In fact, I would go so far as to say that "Carrie" expresses more about what is happening in the world today than practically any movie to be released by a major studio so far this year, regardless of genre.


MLB rumors roundup: The market for Dexter Fowler

The historical oddity of the Cubs playing three pitchers in the outfield - Jayson Stark Blog- ESPN

While on our back road trip thru Southern Saskatchewan We found this Momma Antelope and her twins standing in the field

TAMPA BAY RAYS - 07/08/2013 RAYS 7 - TWINS 4. This game looked a little shaky in the beginning but our Rays did it again. Just a great effort by our entire lineup. This is so uplifting AND we're now holding 2nd position in the AL East standings! GO RAYS!!!


twins standing beside mom - good even if they can't stan on their own


PRESEASON IS HERE!!! PRESEASON IS HERE! Chi Cubs at LA Angels | 2014-02-28 | Major League Baseball | Yahoo! Sports

Twin trouble by Broquart Photography / 500px


AL Central Standings board Twins Tigers Indians Royals White Sox sign | MyRusticBoardSigns - Woodworking on ArtFire

This man is so hot she doesn't even realize he has got her "twins" standing at attention. LOL!


VV013-c, there are actually five versions of this same design, one where the coffin is propped up vertically, one where its horizontal, and even one where its two twins standing without the coffins...