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Two performers that hold a puppet show in their dresses, whilst dressed as beautiful geisha/victoriana ladies - We caught this puppet show with a difference at The Last Tuesday Society's Little Shop of Horrors in Bethnal Green. The Little Theatre Of Dolls - highly original set if ever I saw one!

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EXCLUSIVE: Behind The Scenes With Tom Hardy, On Doubly Fine Form

Behind The Scenes With Tom Hardy, On Doubly Fine Form As Both Kray Twins In 'Legend' (EXCLUSIVE)

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World Book Day Genius - Tin Tin Costume

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westoftheglass: More armor for women, that would actually work. Not my original photos. [I think the top left requires some sort of leather paneling under the chest.]

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Two pierrots in a studio was "found" by and is in the collection of LovedayLemon

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The Tudor Group - Craft Gallery Absolutely gorgeous family group- mother (a peddlar) and two girls.

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Alexander McQueen repeatedly used the theme of birds within his work. He was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's classic film The Birds and based his 1995 spring/summer collection the film. More recently his autumn/winter 2009 collection also showed his obsession with Hitchcock.

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Digging the Croc being a shadow puppet... credit: the Children’s Theatre Company from Minneapolis, USA, Italian shadow puppet artist, Fabrizio Montecchi and Scotland’s own Visible Fictions. Platform, Glasgow

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Try this quick & easy to make DIY animal costume, paper panda mask template to download instantly!

Panda mask DIY - Easy to follow step-by-step photo tutorial and template! #panda

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