Twenty one pilots sign

oh my -- ✧ josh dun of twenty one pilots & brendon urie of panic! at the disco

“here we see a wild brendon urie stealing other band members to dispose of the competition” <-- Oh gosh. Brendon Urie and Josh Dun XD

Nothing I said was bullshit. You broke me in unimaginable ways. You shattered so much of me. All so I would leave you? He was never in the picture that way. Not until a short while ago. You put me through hell and did so many fucking things to me. I wasn't loved or appreciated. You were the one who had others. who didn't care. I cared I was loyal and I loved you. I still do but I can never be your again or love you again. For that would be signing my death certificate.

Quand les artistes parlent de leur dépression : 25 dessinateurs illustrent ce que c'est que de vivre au quotidien avec la dépression

Twenty One Pilots astrology post | Photo credit to sightsfromgreatheights on Tumblr

Twenty One Pilots astrology post - February Birthday so got Stressed Out

I got: The Skeleton Clique! QUIZ: Which Fandom Do You ACTUALLY Belong In?

QUIZ: Which Fandom Do You ACTUALLY Belong In?

they're so cute. imagine them being in a pretend band with your little bros and sis.

The seriousness on their faces make this so much better

We are Twenty One Pilots. A newly started band. We wanna become the most powerful band to exist. I'm Josh (left) and I'm Tyler (right) Come say hi?

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Yeah, not quite. // Fairly Local - Twenty One Pilots. I judged myself for laughing.