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Tyler Joseph. Josh Dun. twenty | one | pilots Omg Josh is wearing the Party Poison jacket! JOSH IS WEARING A PARTY POISON JACKET

Tyler and josh look so sass. I just recognized Josh's jacket. is that party poison jacket.

only tyler can pull off that jackets he's wearing because it looks like a fucking trash bag

tyler: don't touch my fren josh: don't touch me>>he's wearing his jacket backwards.that's just so Tyler!

Twenty One Pilots in different My Chemical Romance era looks

aAaAaAHHHHHH I am literally freaking out right now! Twenty-one pilots and My Chemical Romance cross over // bc josh actually owns a party poison jacket

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Tyler Joseph, lead singer of Twenty One Pilots, performs on June at Stage AE in Pittsburgh.

Twenty One Pilots Circle Logo Iron-On PatchTwenty One Pilots Circle Logo Iron-On Patch,

Twenty One Pilots Circle Logo Iron-On Patch