Tweed Water Spaniel: Extinct since the 19th century, the Tweed Water Spaniel is most known for being the predecessor of the modern Golden Retriever. They were described as generally brown, athletic water dogs, "certainly retrieverish, and not at all spanielly."

Ten notable extinct dog breeds: Tweed Water Spaniel - Records indicate today’s Golden Retriever may have this dog to thank for its origin. The Tweed Water Spaniel was an intelligent bird and waterfowl hunter and adept, water-resistant swimmer. #TweedWaterSpaniel #Spaniel #DogBreeds

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Tweed Water Spaniel | 7 Fascinating Dog Breeds That No Longer Exist | XFINITY

DESCRIPTION Symmetrical, balanced, active, powerful, level mover; sound with kindly expression HISTORY In 1865 the first yellow retriever was purchased and breed with Tweed Water Spaniel in 1868 in England and Scotland. These … Read more

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The golden retriever breed originally came from the Scottish Highlands in the late 1800s and was used mostly for hunting. The breed was then crossed with yellow retriever and with the tweed water spaniel which is now extinct in order to create a superb retriever suited to the Scottish climate, terrain and available game. Later integrations of Irish setter, bloodhound, and more tweed water spaniel have made... FULL ARTICLE…

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Brown Dogs with Pointed Ears

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