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Guisachan House in the 1890's. Lord Tweedmouth lived on his estate during the summer months. He was an avid hunter and developed Guisachan into a grand estate and he and Lady Tweedmouth moved in the highest echelons of Victorian society. In 1868 'Nous' a yellow retriever was mated to a Tweed Water Spaniel named 'Belle'. They produced four yellow female puppies which Tweedmouth named 'Ada' 'Primrose', 'Crocus' and 'Cowslip' the first litter of Golden Retrievers.

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Guisachan House was the birthplace of the Golden Retriever, and is at Tomich near Inverness (Scotland). It was the home of Lord Tweedmouth, who rebuilt the whole village. A 'gathering' of people from all over the world took place in July/August 2006. The photo shows some of the descendants of Nous x Belle (Tweed Water Spaniel) 1868.


Tweed_Water_Spaniel, predecessor to golden retriever

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Ten notable extinct dog breeds: Tweed Water Spaniel - Records indicate today’s Golden Retriever may have this dog to thank for its origin. The Tweed Water Spaniel was an intelligent bird and waterfowl hunter and adept, water-resistant swimmer. #TweedWaterSpaniel #Spaniel #DogBreeds