CHEYENNE, with Clint Walker (Warner, 7 Seasons, 1955-1963). Plot: After the Civil war adventurer Cheyenne Bodie roamed the west looking for fights, women and bad guys to beat up. His job changed from episode to episode. Awards: Won Golden Globe. Another 1 nomination.

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Clint Walker...he stood 6', 6" tall with a 48"chest and a 32" waist. Starred in TV and movies from the mid 50's thru the 80's. he played Cheyenne...a TV western series.

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Laredo is an TV series that aired on NBC from Sept 16, 1965, to April 7, 1967. Laredo stars Neville Brand, William Smith, Peter Brown, and Philip Carey as Texas Rangers. It is set on the Mexican border about Laredo in Webb County in south Texas.

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Blast from the past...cast from The High Chaparral, which was a 1960s TV show that almost no one remembers today

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Wagon Train (Wagon Train is an American Western series that ran on NBC from 1957–62 and then on ABC from 1962–65)

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TV Western - Annie Oakley - Gail Davis. I had (and still have) big time "blue cowgirl outfit" envy!

Lee Van Cleef - actor - (01/09/1925 - 12/16/1989) born in Somerville, NJ. Famous bad guy - spaghetti westerns

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