Hiding TV Wires With Ikea Cover

Those pesky wires behind your TV can be a cramp in your style. I don't know about you? But those cords always annoy me. Recently I found a cord cover that works…

Since we live in an apartment we can't cut holes into the wall to hide the cords. This is a nice way around that.

Hiding cords for wall mounted TV.I like this I think it is totally workable. Especially because it will be along the fireplace.

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null Flat Screen TV Cord Cover

Can’t hide TV wires in the wall? Here is the easiest way to hide flat panel TV wires and cords for under $20 dollars!  Read more: http://removeandreplace.com/2014/07/02/hide-tv-wires-how-to-the-easy-way/#ixzz36L6MQVKf

Legrand introduces the Wiremold® Flat Screen TV Cord Cover Kit, a convenient solution that hides TV cords and cables beneath a wall-mounted TV in

CE TECH Flat Screen TV Cord Cover-A31-KW - The Home Depot

null Flat Screen TV Cord Cover

Make use of this CE TECH Flat Screen TV Cord Cover for hiding and organizing cords and cables.

I really hate it when cords get tangled and mangled. This is a good way of hiding electrical cords and gives a much neater appearance.

If you are moving and really want to set-up your new home office in a more efficient manner - check out these cool ways to conceal cables, cords, and wires.

All purchases made will be shipped the following Monday.  This is a universal cord cover, that is patent pending, for people that dont want to

Hide tv and digital picture frame cords without cutting holes in your wall with my creation the Tv-Tree. wall decals to distract

You won't believe how simple this idea is!! HIde wire clutter with a cheap shower rod cover!

Hide wire clutter with plastic shower rod cover