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Turtle shells can be repetitive because even though if you look too close the shapes all look the same and the texture looks the same and the colours

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Indian star tortoise, geochelone elegans. such beautiful carapaces!!

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You Won't Believe What’s Going On Inside A Turtle’s Shell.

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Every sea turtle has markings as distinct as fingerprints on their shells. In an attempt to save the turtles from slaughter, rescue groups are etching their shells with tools that 'ruin' them for collectors. YEA FOR THE TURTLES!

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My Sweet Savannah: ~thrifty thursday~{tortoise shell makeover} -- an idea for making sea turtle shells for programs -- hmm.

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♥ ⋱‿ ❤AnE LeeLA..MoodS in BlacKWhitE&GraY &BeigE.....Turtle shell.

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DIY: TMNT Turtle Shells

Project Nursery - DIY TMNT Turtle Shells

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Fossil of the largest freshwater prehistoric turtle. | In China? try for Award Winning Kid's Science |

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How To Make A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shell

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Under the sea. Glue fake "gems" to cd for shell

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