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2 years away, and I'll be in the middle of my nurse training by 30! It'll be a wonderful time. Looking forward to it.

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30 Awesome Things to Do When You Are 30

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21 Things You Will Be Surprised By When You Turn 30

You will actually be good at things. | 21 Things You Will Be Surprised By When You Turn 30

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30th Birthday Chalkboard Sign, 1987 Birthday Sign, Back in 1987, Happy 30th Birthday, Milestone Birthday Decor, 30th Birthday For Her

30th Birthday Chalkboard Sign 1987 Birthday Sign by mishmashbyash

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18 Reasons You Should Look Forward to Turning 30

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29 Habits You Need to Break Before Turning 30

Getting older means living to the fullest, but it also means living a little more deliberately.

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What To Stop Doing The Day You Turn 30

Click here now to discover the 11 things you ought to stop doing when you turn 30 (and preferably before!)

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I'm Turning 30 and I Like It: Love for 30 Project

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30 amazing life goals to make your thirties the best decade yet

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29 Things You Should Do Before Turning 30

Before you turn 30, take a look at this bucket list and make sure to check off all these items on your list! We challenge you to do all of these activities before you hit 30.

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If by “30″ You Mean “More Awesome,” Then Yes I’m About to Turn 30........ I am only turning 29 in March but this is good to keep for 2015, lol

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It’s OK to Not Be Perfect by 30

It's ok not to be on the 30 under 30 lists and it's ok to spend a night in every now and then..

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30 reasons why life in your 30's rocks!

The 30's are the new 20's, or so they say. In your 30's you find comfort in your own skin. Here's 30 reasons why life in your 30's rocks!

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9 Books to Read By The Time You're 30

The 9 books all women should read by the time they turn 30

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Birthday year 1986. ❤️ / photography by: @katherineannrose + @lukegriffin1 #sj1986

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