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Turkish ‘Lavaş,’ or Puff Bread

Turkish ‘Lavaş’ (lah-VAHSH’), sometimes called ‘balloon bread,’ is thin and crispy and puffs up high as it cooks. It’s served piping hot with a hollow center full of steam as an appetizer before kebab meals along with Turkish ‘tulum’ goat cheese, chunks of unsalted village butter and spicy tomato and pepper crush called ‘ezme’ (ez-MAY’).

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Turkish Lahmacun Flatbread with Sumac Lamb, Tomato, Paprika, Shallot, Mint and Lemon Yogurt

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Home made Turkish flat breads; great for mezzes, dips and Kayseri Style Yaglama, layers of flat breads with ground meat & vegetable sauce.

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Lebanese lamb flatbread

Think pizza crossed with Middle-Eastern spices and you've got James Martin's lamb flatbread recipe.

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Dec 27 Vegan Lahmacun - with cool pepper topping

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Persian lamb meatballs

Sabrina Ghayour's full-of-flavour meatballs, also known as koofteh berenji, are made with lots of fresh herbs and spices. They are best served with flatbreads and natural yogurt.

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Homemade Flatbread {Greek Pocketless Pitas with a Simple Tutorial} (My Kitchen Cafe)

Flatbread is yummy. Soft, fluffy homemade flatbread is even yummier. If you are wondering why on earth you would ever want to make your own flatbread, I have two words for you: Chicken Gyros. And wait

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My Ispanakli Peynirli Gozleme - Anatolian Flat breads with cheese, onion and spinach, indeed easier than you think!

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