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Arab infantry in the Ottoman Turkish Army published in Dunya Savasi'nda Turk Askeri Kiyafetleri 1914-1918, Authors Tunca Orses, Necmettin Ozcelik, 2007, Istanbul, illustrates a type of leather waist bandolier-belt.


Cumhuriyetçi Gazi on


British troops march through a town in Mesopotamia en route to Baghdad 1917 Baghdad was captured in 1917 from the Turkish Army


Polish Winged Hussar. While they have a long and illustrious string of ass-kickings under their heavyweight championship belts, the Winged Hussars' finest hour came during the epic Battle of Vienna in 1683, when the Ottoman Turkish armies were busting nuts across Eastern Europe looking to conquer all of Christendom. These Polish Warriors severely punished and decimated the would-be rulers of the world.


Altay main battle tank (MBT)

The Altay is an advanced main battle tank, designed and developed by Otokar of Turkey for the Turkish Army and export markets. It is named in honor of Army General Fahrettin Altay (1880–1974) who c…


Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence, CB, DSO (16 August 1888[5] – 19 May 1935), known professionally as T. E. Lawrence, was a British Army officer renowned especially for his liaison role during the Arab Revolt against Ottoman Turkish rule of 1916–18. The extraordinary breadth and variety of his activities and associations, and ability to describe them vividly in writing, earned him international fame as Lawrence of Arabia in a1962 film based on his World War I activities.