Broken Iraq and a Working Kurdistan - - #GKP

Oil Firm DNO to Add Export Capacity from Northern Iraq -

IS attacked an Iraqi police checkpoint south of Baghdad, security officials said March 6, @Reuters reported.

Ramesh Patel: Finally! Exposed! The Deficit Myth! So, David Cameron When Are You Going to Apologise?

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#Anonymous Hackers deface Turkey government sites

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Turkey Government to Ask Parliament for Approval to Join Campaign Against Islamic State Ankara to Submit Motions Requesting Authorization to Intervene in Iraq and Syria Against Radical Group

Turkey's government is playing a dangerous political game that risks hitting the country with a currency crisis and ratings downgrade, experts say.

Turkey government seemed to have list of arrests prepared: EU's Hahn

Massive 5,000-year-old underground city uncovered in Cappadocia in Turkey, in 2014, which through the ages has been governed by the Hittites, Persians, Alexander the Great, Rome, The Byzantine Empire, Ottoman Empire, and Turkey.

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Wikileaks comes under 'sustained attack' over Turkey government docs

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