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Fruit of the brown tulip oak (Argyrodendron trifoliolatum). When caught in the wind, the propeller-like fruit twirl over and through the forest - carrying the seeds well away from the parent tree. Taken in north Queensland's rainforest by Kaisa and Stanley Breeden, via Australia Geographic


(Daffodil) Two years ago my son and I planted Daffodils in our backyard. I love the bight yellow color of these flowers.


tulips season ◦●◦ ჱ ܓ ჱ ᴀ ρᴇᴀcᴇғυʟ ρᴀʀᴀᴅısᴇ ჱ ܓ ჱ ✿⊱╮ ♡ ❊ ** Buona giornata ** ❊ ~ ❤✿❤ ♫ ♥ X ღɱɧღ ❤ ~ Mon 23rd Feb 2015


Bulb planting depths vary depending on their size and species; but as a rule of thumb, most bulbs can be planted at a depth of approximately 3 times their own height.


Beading pattern "Geometry" Necklace in English d. i. Y

This is a 15 pages PDF instant download file on how to make the necklace Geometry in English with t easy to follow diagrams as well as written instructions This is not a finished piece of jewelry. Level: Advanced. You must have a good knowledge or CRAW and how to make double layers and corners. This tutorial will not explain how to learn CRAW. Used materials, seed beads 11/0, magnetic clasp (not suitable for people with a pacemaker) fireline and tulip needle. Also available as KIT…